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Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in Los Angeles

Welcome to Oasis Detox, Los Angeles’ most comfortable and welcoming addiction residential rehab center in Los Angeles, California. We provide individualized, evidence-based treatment plans to help our patients recover from their conditions while they feel supported and at home.

Residential Program and Housing With Oasis Detox

One of the keys to permanently turning your back on drugs and alcohol is to be in a nurturing environment after withdrawal. Millions of people relapse because they return to the source of their addiction.

If you’re serious about making a lasting recovery, Oasis Detox is the place to go. We offer ongoing care that includes a residential detox treatment in Los Angeles, California, featuring on-site housing, ample amenities, and post-addiction treatment.

Our goal is to give you a safe place to mentally and physically prepare to return to the world.

Drug Recovery

Here are some of the features and amenities featured as part of the Oasis Detox residential program.

  • Gym and fitness center
  • Pool, spa, and hot tub
  • Game room and rec room
  • Food and private rooms

Take a quick tour of our facility.

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Residential Detox Treatment in Los Angeles

At Oasis Detox, we understand how complex the detox process can be. That’s why our team of experienced professionals are here to support you every step of the way. Whether providing medical assistance during detoxification or creating an aftercare strategy, we strive to ensure your recovery journey is as successful as possible.

We also offer a variety of rehabilitation services to help build long-term sobriety. We aim to provide comprehensive addiction recovery treatment to make sober living achievable.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Detox Treatment

Find out what to expect during your stay here at Oasis Detox. If you have any questions that were not addressed in the FAQs, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

What Does a Residential Program Consist of?

The Oasis Detox residential program is meant to ease you back into life without drugs. Those who stay with us following detoxification will receive counseling, ongoing care, and an aftercare plan. The goal of our inpatient rehab program is to teach you how to live life as an independent adult without the use of drugs and to ensure you make a lasting recovery.

What's the Difference Between Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab?

Inpatient rehab, like the one at Oasis Detox, is where you receive care and therapy following withdrawal in a home-like setting. We believe this gives you the best chance of reacclimating to life when you leave our facility. Outpatient rehab, on the other hand, is when you transfer to a separate facility or return straight to your home following withdrawal.

Is a Residential Program Necessary After Detox?

Individuals who are post-addiction have a much better chance of making a lasting recovery if they’re part of a residential program. While it’s possible to stay sober without a residential program, it’s far more complex.

What is a Typically Day Like in the Oasis Detox Residential Program?

Our residential program has everything you need to reacclimate to life as a sober adult. Your day might start with exercise or yoga therapy and continue with counseling or treatment for a coexisting condition. If it’s nice, you can also destress your mind and build mental strength while relaxing at our pool and spa or working out in our fitness center. You’ll also have your own kitchen and rec room for meals and entertainment.

Can I Bring Anything With Me During My Stay?

We encourage you not to bring anything with you unless it’s absolutely necessary. We provide everything you’ll need during your stay, and ask that you contact us with further questions about what you can and cannot bring with you.

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Benefits of the Oasis Detox Residential Program

The Oasis Detox residential drug treatment programs offer comprehensive care and safety to those who are serious about overcoming addiction. You’ll feel safe and at home when you walk in the door for your initial intervention or consultation. Staying with us removes the temptations and distractions that may cause you to relapse if you go home after detoxification.

You’ll also have more time to focus and gain mental strength when you utilize our residential program.

Finally, you’ll benefit from ongoing counseling, receive a dual diagnosis and treatment for any related mental health conditions, and receive assistance during and after withdrawal.

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Let Our Residential Program Help You Take Back Your Life

Our residential rehab program in Los Angeles is only the beginning when it comes to helping you recover from drug or alcohol addiction. We combine it with various forms of therapy, aftercare planning, a dual diagnosis, and much more. Because one of the keys to recovery is being in a relaxed, nurturing setting, we offer all the comforts of home and then some.

We offer one-on-one plans and services to every member of our residential program and treat everyone equally.

Detoxification is an excellent first step, but you’ll undoubtedly benefit from the Oasis Detox residential program and its ongoing care.

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