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Overcoming Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Los Angeles

Treatments Overview

At Oasis Detox, we treat a wide range of addictions. Whether you struggle with alcohol, prescription drugs, opiates, and other hard substances, we have a treatment program for you.
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Opiates Treatment

We have a medical staff on-site to assist with the dangers and discomfort of withdrawing from opiates.

Alcoholism Treatment

Alcohol is one of the hardest addictions to overcome unless you have a good aftercare plan and support.

Prescription Drug Addiction

We’ll help you realize that you no longer need prescription drugs to deal with an injury or condition.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Our knowledgeable and licensed staff has ample experience dealing with cocaine addictions and treatments.

Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment

Methamphetamines are one of the most addictive drugs in the world, but we can help you stop the craving.

Benzodiazepines Addiction Treatment

You’ll benefit from the nurturing and peaceful environment at Oasis Detox as you’re overcoming a benzo addiction.


We Offer Safe Addiction Recovery

Overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction isn’t just difficult. It’s also dangerous if you don’t do it in a safe environment. At Oasis Detox, we offer one of the safest, most nurturing environments for addiction recovery in Los Angeles. Our team of health workers and caretakers are on site and ready to help.

A Personal, Lasting Care Plan

The tricky thing about addictions is that they affect everyone differently. That’s why we offer personal, customized care plans for each resident. From the initial intervention and detoxification to ongoing care and counseling, you’ll get exactly what you need to recover.

Alcohol Addiction. Alcoholism Treatment.
Drug Rehab

Long-Term Recovery in a Comfortable Environment

Because addictions affect everyone differently, the recovery process might take longer for some than others. While we’ll do our best to get you back to everyday life as quickly as possible, you can stay at our comfortable, all-inclusive facility for as long as necessary to permanently overcome your addiction.

Get Help For Your Addictions

If you or someone you love is struggling with one of the addictions listed above, you should seek professional assistance immediately. Drug and alcohol addictions are more common than ever, and we’re trying to put a stop to them. Thanks to our all-inclusive and comprehensive treatment plans, you can finally move on from your addiction.

Before taking the decisive first step toward recovery, you must first admit that you need help. Seek assistance if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms.

  • Uncontrollable cravings
  • Difficulty with relationships
  • Personality changes
  • Legal or financial issues
  • Changes in skin tone or color
  • Shakes or tremors
  • Read about more symptoms here.

In addition to these, you should be on the lookout for other common signs of substance abuse. It’s never too late to overcome your addiction, so seek help immediately.

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