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Stay Healthy and Sober with Aftercare Planning for Substance Abuse

Let Our Los Angeles After Care Planning Guide You To Recovery

After Care Planning With Oasis Detox

We understand that your journey doesn’t end with detoxification and our residential program – it’s only the beginning. That’s why Oasis Detox has one of the best after care planning programs in Los Angeles.

After care planning will give you the best chance of making a full and lasting recovery. From the moment you walk through our front door, we’re already coming up with a personalized after care plan. We have a wide range of resources and treatment options to help you when you leave us.

The goal of our after care planning program is to give you the strength and ability to live an addiction-free life in the real world.

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What Does After Care Planning Consist of?

At Oasis Detox, we understand that sobriety is a choice you’ll have to make every day for the rest of your life. Since we won’t always be there in person, you’ll need an after care plan for guidance.

  • Social support groups
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Alumni to confide in
  • Outpatient therapy
  • Mental strength exercises

The Benefits of After Care Planning

Detoxification and rehab are steps one and two of a much larger process when it comes to addiction recovery. It’s a lifelong journey and some days will be much harder than others. Our goal at Oasis Detox, is to set you up for success on those hard days when you want to relapse into your addiction. After care planning is the best way to ensure that you make a lasting recovery, because it equips you with the tools you need to stay sober on your own.

After care planning
Aftercare planning

The Best After Care in Los Angeles

At Oasis Detox, we personalize every aspect of your recovery plan, including your after care planning. We understand that everyone is different and will need different forms of support and guidance when they return to the real world. Our team of health professionals will get to know you intimately and create an after care plan that caters to your needs. We’re a premier rehab facility in Los Angeles, and a big reason for that is because of our after care programs.

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