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Safe and Judgment-Free Cocaine Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles

Live Cocaine Addiction free life!

Cocaine Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles

For decades, cocaine has been one of the most commonly abused illegal drugs in Los Angeles. It’s a highly addictive and dangerous substance and extremely difficult to recover from.

Because of how dangerous and addictive cocaine is, it’s next to impossible to overcome your addiction on your own. Instead, you should trust the experienced and licensed professionals at Oasis Detox. Our luxurious, nurturing, and safe facility is the perfect place for you or a loved one to receive cocaine addiction treatment in Los Angeles.

Benefits of Receiving Cocaine Addiction Treatment

No matter where you do it, recovering from cocaine addiction is difficult. However, there are certain benefits of going through your recovery at Oasis Detox.

  • Medically assisted detoxification
  • A safe, nurturing residential program
  • Ongoing treatment and therapy
  • Recovery in a family environment
  • Aftercare planning when you leave

At Oasis Detox, we strive to guide you to recovery in a family-friendly, nurturing environment. We offer medication-assisted cocaine detox that’s monitored and guided by medical pros. We give you the best chance of a lasting recovery by giving you the resources and tools you’ll need when you return home.

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What is Cocaine Addiction?

Because cocaine is an illegal drug, taking even the smallest amount is considered substance abuse and illegal. This isn’t just a technicality either because of how cocaine affects your brain. It’s possible to get highly addicted to cocaine simply from taking it one time in a minute amount.


Dangers of Cocaine Addiction

Because of how dangerous cocaine is, you should seek professional help via a cocaine addiction treatment program immediately. By taking cocaine over a prolonged period of time or by taking too much in a single dose, you are at risk for the following conditions and problems.

  • High heart rate and potential heart attack
  • Cognitive damage and memory problems
  • Seizures and uncontrolled muscle spasms
  • Mood, personality, and behavior changes
  • Getting into financial and legal hot water
  • Death or permanent damage due to overdose
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Choose Oasis Detox for Cocaine Addiction

At Oasis Detox, our cocaine addiction treatment program uses a five-headed approach to help you overcome your addiction. This includes hosting an intervention, medically-assisted detox, an inpatient residential program featuring various treatments and therapies, a safe, nurturing environment, and a comprehensive after care plan.

Contact us for more details and to take the first step in retaking control of your life.


If you have more questions that were not answered here, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

Why is cocaine so addictive?

Cocaine is a highly addictive substance because of how it affects your brain. When you take cocaine, it forces the release of dopamine in your brain, resulting in an intense feeling of pleasure or euphoria. This feeling, combined with how the chemicals in cocaine affect your body, makes it highly addictive.

Can you die of a cocaine overdose?

The more you take cocaine, the higher your tolerance will be. Therefore, you’ll have to continue taking more and more to keep getting the same gratifying feelings. This can result in taking too much cocaine, which can lead to an overdose and death.

How long does the Oasis Detox cocaine addiction treatment program take?

Depending on how addicted you are to cocaine and how long you’ve been taking it, our treatment program takes longer for some than others. You can stay enrolled in our program until you feel like you’ve mastered your addiction and can safely return home.

Is it easy to detox from cocaine on your own?

Detoxing from cocaine is one of the hardest and most uncomfortable things you’ll ever have to do. The detox process can take several days or weeks and will cause dangerous symptoms including nausea, anxiety, elevated heart rate, and more. Because of these symptoms, it’s unsafe and difficult to detox from cocaine on your own.

What's the best way to overcome cocaine addiction?

If you’re serious about overcoming your cocaine addiction in Los Angeles, the best way to detox and recover is with the Oasis Detox cocaine treatment program.

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