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Benzodiazepines Addiction Treatment, Los Angeles

The best Los Angeles benzodiazepines addiction treatment program

Benzodiazepines Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles

Benzodiazepine addiction is one of the most unfortunate forms of drug addiction. People take benzodiazepines to overcome anxiety, depression, and other mental and physical ailments.

However, although benzodiazepines, also known as benzos, do a lot of good for people, they can also do a lot of harm. While benzos are a prescription drug, they’re highly addictive and are one of the most commonly abused drugs in Los Angeles. They’re also difficult to stop taking because users think they need benzos to treat their condition.

In most cases, benzodiazepines get prescribed by a doctor to treat an underlying mental or physical ailment. Therefore, even when people are addicted, they fear that if they stop taking benzos, they will start to experience the same symptoms they did when they began taking benzos. Benzos get prescribed for:

  • Chronic anxiety and insomnia
  • Muscle and nerve pain
  • Severe forms of depression
  • Serious panic disorders
  • Epilepsy and seizures

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Overcome Benzos With Oasis Detox

While overcoming your benzodiazepine addiction is extremely difficult, Oasis Detox will be with you every step of the way. From the intervention to your aftercare plan, we won’t abandon you.

At Oasis Detox, we combine therapies, treatments, and environmental factors to provide you with a lasting recovery. We pride ourselves on our safe, nurturing atmosphere.

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Benzodiazepines Addiction Treatment

Signs of Benzodiazepine Addiction

If you hope to overcome an addiction to benzos, it’s important to notice the signs and symptoms of addiction. If you notice these signs, you should seek professional assistance.

  • Sudden weakness or drowsiness
  • Trouble processing thoughts
  • Blurred vision and mood changes
  • Depression, nausea, and anxiety
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How to Treat a Benzodiazepine Addiction

Because of how this drug affects the brain and why you started taking it in the first place, Benzodiazepines addiction treatment is tricky. Here’s the multi-faceted approach we take at Oasis Detox.

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Effects of Benzodiazepine Addictions

In addition to being highly addictive, benzos are very dangerous if you continue to abuse them. Here are some of the dangers and consequences of getting addicted to benzodiazepines.

  • Total reliance on benzodiazepines
  • Sudden inability to breathe deeply
  • Violent outbursts and delusions
  • Risk of ataxia, coma, and death

Benefits of a Benzodiazepines Addiction Treatment Program in Los Angeles


Assisted Detoxification

At Oasis Detox, we use medications and medical personnel to assist you during detox.

Ongoing Treatment

After detox, you'll receive ongoing treatment and therapy from our residential program.

Rest and Relaxation

You'll need rest and relaxation to recover from your grueling and painful detoxification.

Dual Diagnosis

We'll treat your benzo addiction along with any underlying mental and physical ailments.

After Care Plan

Our aftercare plan will give you the resources and tools necessary for lasting recovery.

Long-Term Sobriety

Oasis Detox gives you the best chance to permanently recover from benzo addiction.


If you have more questions that were not answered here, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

What are benzodiazepines?

Benzos are prescription drugs that doctors prescribe to treat anxiety, insomnia, depression, muscle spasms, and various other mental and physical conditions.

How do people get addicted to benzos?

Benzos are the most addictive prescription drug in the US because of how they affect the brain and because people are reliant on them for mental or physical ailments. Over time, your body can become tolerant to benzos, which means you’ll need to take more and more. With enough time and use, you can eventually get addicted to benzodiazepines.

What are the most commonly misused benzodiazepine drugs?

While all benzos have addictive qualities, valium, xanax, ativan, and klonopin are some of the most abused. Clonazepam and alprazolam are also commonly misused.

Does Oasis Detox use medication-assisted withdrawal?

Because of how painful and dangerous withdrawal can be, Oasis Detox uses medication-assisted withdrawal. Medication-assisted withdrawal, while using drugs and medications, is one of the safest and most effective ways to stop using benzos.

Can you overdose on benzodiazepines?

The risk of overdose is the biggest risk of getting addicted to benzodiazepines. Benzos slow down your heart rate and cognitive function and can lead to heart failure, ataxia, coma, and death.

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