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Discreet and Compassionate Addiction Interventions

Get Professional Help With Our Los Angeles Interventions

Personalized Addiction Interventions in Los Angeles by Oasis Detox

For most people, the road to recovery from addiction starts when you can admit that you have a problem. Unfortunately, this is easier for some than others.

Admitting that you’re an addict is next to impossible for some, which is why Oasis Detox will host an intervention to help you get the ball rolling. Interventions are formal meetings where you and other friends and family gather together with the addicted individual and encourage them to seek treatment. Interventions are highly effective when they’re adequately hosted.

However, interventions can also make the problem worse if they aren’t done correctly. It’s possible that your loved one will feel like their friends and family are ganging up on them, and they will feel cornered or threatened. Here are some intervention features we use to ensure a safe space.

  • A loving atmosphere
  • Comforting environment
  • Professional counselors
  • An experienced host
  • Thorough planning

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Reasons to Hire an Interventionist in Los Angeles

A lot can go wrong if you try to host an intervention alone. People tend to say things they don’t mean and let their emotions get the better of them.

When you hire an interventionist from Oasis Detox, we’ll help you stay objective and truthful and ensure that your intervention feels like an act of love.

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Interventions At Oasis Detox

Having a professional counselor from Oasis Detox host your intervention is the best way to ensure a good outcome. We will then follow up on your intervention with additional services.


If you have more questions that were not answered here, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

Is an intervention really necessary?

In cases where someone has a drug or alcohol problem but they’re unwilling to admit it, an intervention might be necessary. Interventions are especially necessary when the health of a loved one is in jeopardy because of their addiction.

What if they say no to an intervention?

If your loved one asks for professional help during an intervention, you can’t force them to say yes. However, in most cases, if you handle the intervention in love and approach your loved one in a non-shaming manner, they’re likely to say yes and go through the rehabilitation process.

Do I really need an intervention specialist?

There’s no law saying that you have to hire an intervention specialist to host your intervention. However, your intervention is far more likely to be successful when you do. If you’re serious about wanting a good outcome from your intervention, you should hire a pro to host it.

Are interventions usually successful?

Interventions are successful four times out of five, and your odds get even better when you hire a professional intervention specialist.

When should you do the intervention?

If you and a group of friends and family members all agree that a loved one needs professional help, you should do the intervention. However, you should wait until everyone’s on board, especially people who the addicted individual looks up to and will listen to. It’s crucial to do the intervention quickly, though, if you think your loved one’s health is at risk.

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