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Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles

Overcome meth with the best methamphetamine addiction treatment in Los Angeles.

Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles

Methamphetamines, also known as meth or crystal meth, is one of the most abused illegal substances in Los Angeles. It’s also one of the most readily available and highly addictive.

Meth is similar to cocaine in that it stimulates the part of your brain associated with pleasure and euphoria. Because of this, crystal meth is one of the most problematic drugs to stop using once you’ve gotten a taste. In terms of relapse, meth is also more likely to result in relapse than most other drugs.

Oasis Detox - Residential Addiction Treatment

Because over 60% of people who start using meth are likely to relapse after going through detox, it’s essential to choose a methamphetamine addiction treatment that will have lasting results. While there aren’t any guarantees, the Oasis Detox treatment program takes a five-prong approach that makes permanent recovery achievable.

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Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment

Signs of Meth Addiction

Because of the dangers of abusing meth, it’s important to notice the warning signs of addiction. If you notice the following symptoms, you should seek professional treatment immediately.

  • Feelings of depression or anxiety
  • Sudden legal or financial troubles
  • Quick changes in mood or behavior
  • Insomnia, hair loss, and sores

Benefits of Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment

The only way to stop using meth is to go through withdrawal. This process is dangerous, and you will benefit from going through a methamphetamine addiction treatment program.

  • Medication-assisted detoxification
  • Constant monitoring during detox
  • A family-friendly recovery program
  • A better chance at permanent recovery
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At Oasis Detox, we use a combination of therapies and treatments in a safe, nurturing, family-oriented atmosphere designed to rebuild your physical strength and give you the mental fortitude you’ll need to avoid relapsing.

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If you have more questions that were not answered here, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

Why is meth so addictive?

Methamphetamines affect your brain in such a way that it makes you experience intense feelings of pleasure and euphoria. Because you can’t achieve these intense feelings any other way, people will often become repeat users of meth.

Can people recover from meth addiction?

While recovery from meth addiction is possible, it’s extremely difficult. Going through withdrawal is extremely difficult and your body will continue to crave meth. Because of this, relapse is fairly common with meth users.

Is it difficult to detox from methamphetamines?

As with other drugs, detoxing from crystal meth is extremely difficult, dangerous, and painful. You’ll experience nausea, accelerated heart rate, anxiety, depression, and other physical and mental symptoms. However, although difficult, detoxing from meth is very possible.

Do people often relapse and use meth again?

Because of how meth affects your brain, how readily available it is, and it’s the cost compared to other illegal drugs, more than half of meth users who go through detox will relapse at some point in their life.

What's the best way to overcome meth addiction?

If you’re serious about recovery and want to avoid relapse in Los Angeles, you should enroll in the Oasis Detox methamphetamine addiction treatment program. We’ll be with you every step of the way and give you the resources and tools you need to make a permanent recovery.

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