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Oasis Detox is a premier drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility proudly serving Los Angeles and the surrounding area.

Luxury Addiction Recovery From Oasis Detox

Oasis Detox is a drug and alcohol treatment facility in Los Angeles, California. We understand how hard addiction recovery can be, and offer comprehensive treatments and services in a tranquil, healthy environment.

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The Benefit of Choosing Oasis Detox for Addiction Recovery

When you choose Oasis Detox as your treatment center, we make the detoxification and recovery process as easy as possible. In addition to detoxification, we also assist with rehabilitation, forming an aftercare strategy and providing ongoing treatments.

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At Oasis Detox, we offer a wide range of services and amenities designed to create a relaxing, stress-free atmosphere to aid in recovery. Take a virtual tour to see for yourself!


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The Oasis Detox Difference

At Oasis Detox, we take a multi-faceted approach to addiction treatment. We offer medical care during detoxification, holistic therapy and treatment, and an aftercare plan for when you go home.

Lasting Recovery in LA

Because of our holistic, three-pronged approach, we give you the best chance of making a lasting recovery from your addiction. After all, recovery is a lifelong journey and not a short-term fix.

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There’s a chance that insurance will cover your stay with Oasis Detox. You can find out by filling out the attached form, and we’ll contact you with an answer.

Treatment Options

From prescription drugs and alcohol to cocaine and opiates, Oasis Detox offers recovery services for a wide range of addictions and personalized treatment plans.

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