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It’s estimated that 21 million Americans struggle with addiction to alcohol and drugs. In 2018, only 11% of Americans got treatment for their addiction.

If you are considering drug detox in Chatsworth, you may want to do your research. Every recovery program is different and has its own benefits.

If you are going to have medically supervised detoxification, you should understand the benefits. This can be a very beneficial treatment for most people with addiction disorders.

Keep reading to find out more about drug detox in Chatsworth and which programs you can choose.

It’s Safer

The main benefit of medically supervised detox is safety. This is a type of detox that will be safer since a medical professional is supervising your symptoms.

In many cases, this can even be life-saving for individuals with severe withdrawals. Withdrawals are not only uncomfortable, they can be dangerous for people as well.

The severity of your withdrawals can be affected by the type of addiction you have. Drug addiction is usually more dangerous than those with alcohol addiction.

How long you have been addicted can also impact the severity of your side effects. You may have taken the drug for a long time or taken it very often.

There is also no way to know for sure how someone will be impacted by withdrawals. Some people only experience minor discomfort, while others are debilitated.

That is why safety is such a big concern during this process. A medical professional will be there the entire time, watching your symptoms.

They will be able to recognize if you are in a life-threatening situation. This is a far better situation than if you were alone at home trying to detox.

Patients Get Encouragement

Substance abuse is a lonely battle that many people go through. Some people try to detox on their own but they aren’t always successful.

Drug abuse is a mind and body battle that can be difficult to win by yourself. That’s why supervised detoxification is better for individuals who want to get clean.

Having supervision helps you to have support to lean back on. This can be vital to your success during the worst of your withdrawals.

This supervision also helps you to not fall back on your substance use disorder. You won’t be able to access any drugs or alcohol during this time, helping your progress.

You will also receive encouragement from the people helping you with your detox. This encouragement gives you a confidence boost that helps you to kick your addiction.

Having the pressure of responsibility from others can also be beneficial for patients.

Better Withdrawal Symptoms

Having a medical professional during your detox can also reduce your symptoms. A physician can give you medication as necessary to help with this process.

This is not something that will happen during every detoxification. Your medical professional will decide what you need to accomplish this process.

They will also be there if your withdrawal symptoms become more severe. Most people can expect to experience symptoms like agitation or anxiety.

You may also have physical symptoms like nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. It depends on the person, so having a physician present will give you peace of mind.

Guaranteed Detox

If you were to try to detox on your own, you might fall back into your habit. This is very easy to do since there is no one holding you accountable.

That is why recovery programs can be so useful for those with addiction. You will have a support team holding you accountable and preventing you from accessing drugs.

During your supervised detoxification, you will be in a controlled environment. You won’t be at home where you can access drugs or alcohol if you give up.

This guarantees that your detox will be successful for that period of time. Of course, afterward, it is up to you to continue to stay clean long-term.

Who Should Have Medically-Supervised Detoxification?

Now that you know the benefits of drug detox in Chatsworth, who should get this detoxification? It is important to understand if this is something that would be beneficial for you.

The good news is that most people with addiction find detox helpful. If you are serious about getting clean, this is a safe and effective way to do that.

Here are some examples of people who would qualify for medically supervised detoxification.

People With a Drug History

Anyone who has a history of drug use could qualify for detoxification. This shows that you have had issues with addiction in the past and struggle to stay clean.

This often shows that detoxification is harder for you since you haven’t had success in the past. This could also indicate that your withdrawal symptoms will be more severe.

The longer your history of drug use, the more addicted your body is. This makes detoxification a greater shock to your system than to someone who has only been using drugs infrequently.

Those Taking Dangerous Drugs

If you have an alcohol addiction, alcohol detox is usually milder. You may experience some physical symptoms as well as extreme mental discomfort.

But the reality is that drugs usually produce more severe withdrawal. Many highly addictive drugs come with severe side effects.

These are often dangerous to detox from since your body depends on them. If you are detoxing from drugs, it is always best to have a medical professional there with you.

This is especially important if you have been using these drugs long-term. The longer you take drugs, the more likely you are to take larger doses more frequently.

This usually produces more severe withdrawals since your body is highly dependent.

People With Medical Concerns

If you have any medical history, you want to be supervised when detoxing. Having any health issues can put you at a greater risk of life-threatening side effects.

For instance, those with a heart condition are in more danger when detoxing. You could have a past medical history or have some health concerns.

If this is the case, it is important to exercise caution to ensure you detox in a safe way. Physicians should understand your medical history and be prepared to treat you if necessary.

They will be able to hold onto any medications that you have to take. They will also have preventative measures in place in case you have a negative reaction.

Someone Older

The older you are, the more at risk you are during detoxification. People develop more health concerns as they age since their body is not what they used to be.

That is why an 18-year-old may experience fewer side effects than someone in their 50s. Even if you don’t have a medical history, you could still be at a greater risk of complications.

That is why having medical supervision can be helpful when you are detoxing. They will be there to guide you through the process and intervene if necessary.

What to Expect During Medically-Supervised Detoxification

Everyone’s experience of detoxification is going to be different. This depends on who you are as a person and the type of addiction that you have.

You may experience more severe side effects, or they may be very mild. This is something that you will not know until you start your detoxification.

Your detoxification treatment will take place at a treatment center location. You will usually be placed in a room where you have privacy and comfort.

The details of your detox will depend on your personal situation. Every detox is custom fit to the individual to provide the best results.

You will get around-the-clock care from medical professionals. You will have met everyone before your detox so that you feel comfortable with them.

The physicians may check your vitals throughout this process to see how you are doing. If you are feeling unwell or need assistance, they will be there to help.

Drug Detox in Chatsworth

If you are addicted to substances, you are not alone. This is something that many Americans struggle with and seek treatment for.

The good news is that drug detox in Chatsworth is very dependable and safe. You have access to medically supervised detoxification throughout your withdrawals.

This ensures that you detox safely and have someone there in case of emergencies.

Do you want to join a recovery program and get clean? Contact us today at Oasis Detox for many recovery program options to fit your needs.