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Statistics show that 0.5 million deaths are the result of drug use and overdoses. And more than 70% of those deaths are related to the use of opioids.

If you are struggling with an opiate addiction, there are options available. You can look into opiate addiction treatment centers to receive reliable care.

These treatment centers provide opiate addiction care to aid in your recovery. This can help you to recover faster and go back to living the life you want to live.

Keep reading to find out how to find the best opiate addiction treatment centers in your area. 

Understanding Opiate Addiction

Opiate addiction is something that is widely misunderstood by many people. To understand how it needs to be treated, we need to discuss what it is and how it occurs.

The reality is that anyone who takes opiates is at risk of developing an addiction. This is because these drugs are very addictive, even for those who are taking them for medical needs.

Opiates trigger the release of endorphins in your brain, creating that feel-good feeling. These endorphins also muffle the feeling of pain, boosting how you can feel pleasure.

These are the main reasons why opiate addiction is so significant. As you continue taking these drugs, your body needs more to get that pleasurable feeling.

Someone may develop an addiction if they are taking opiates long-term. Or this can happen if they’re taking more than they are prescribed.

What Does Opiate Rehab In Chatsworth Offer?

There are many opiate addiction treatment centers in the California area. If you struggle with addiction, an opiate detox in California is going to be the perfect option.

Like any kind of addiction, opiate addiction is very difficult to beat on your own. There are certain things you need during rehab so that you can detox successfully.

Here are some of the things a California opioid detox program will offer.


Oasis Detox provides specialized opiate treatments for its patients. Part of this treatment includes medically guided detoxification during rehab.

You will be supervised by a team of medical professionals throughout this process. This ensures that you are safe and able to detox successfully.

This is extremely important since detoxification comes with some risks. This is the process when all of the traces of drugs will leave your body.

Ongoing Care

An opioid addiction treatment program in California offers extensive care. This includes ongoing care and treatment after your detoxification.

This is very important since there is so much that comes after detoxing. The bottle is not over since you will need to continue to treat triggers and the urge to use opioids.

Having ongoing care available is going to give you a better chance at success. Especially since you will have people who are holding you accountable.


Another important factor of rehabilitation is mental and emotional needs. A treatment center should provide mental and emotional counseling throughout rehabilitation.

This helps to address the root cause of drug addiction, which is often mental. You may have turned to opioids for specific mental and emotional reasons that need to be addressed.

Working through the mental side of addiction is a great way to guarantee success in the future.

Physical Rehabilitation

Opioid use comes with a variety of harmful side effects. Some of these side effects include passing out, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting.

At Oasis Detox, physical rehabilitation is also provided to target these effects. This helps patients to recover physically after the use of opiates.

How much rehabilitation is needed will depend on how long you have been taking opiates.

Benefits of an Opiate Addiction Treatment In Chatsworth

Understanding what opiate addiction treatment centers offer is one step in the process. You also need to understand how this can be beneficial for you.

It can be hard to acknowledge that your addiction requires treatment. But this is one step towards recovering and getting back to living a normal life.

Here are examples of the benefits you may experience when receiving addiction treatment.

Supervised Care

The biggest benefit of going to an opiate addiction treatment is the care that you get. You will receive supervised care throughout your rehabilitation.

This is done by a team of medical professionals as well as mental health experts. This ensures that you will be physically and mentally cared for during this process.

It also guarantees that you will receive care if it is necessary during your detox.

Less Risk of Relapse

Those who seek out treatment usually stand a better chance of remaining clean. Beating drug addiction on your own can be very difficult and a bit risky.

Even if you can do it, there’s always a risk of relapsing. If you receive professional care, you will be better set up for success against future relapses.

You will have a support team on your side and education regarding avoiding addiction. These are things that can help you to avoid triggers and future Temptations.

Opiate Addiction Treatment Centers: Finding the Right Fit

Having an opiate addiction is something much more common than most people realize. That is why opiate addiction treatment centers are so important for recovery.

These centers provide specialized care to help people beat opiate addiction. This includes detoxification and ongoing care with mental and physical counseling.

You will receive support from a medical team and trained mental health professionals.

Do you need opiate detoxification in California? Contact us today at Oasis Detox to start the admission process.